DVD - The King of the Market

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The box set, made in four languages ​​(IT-EN-FR-DE), contains:

- The short film directed by Joel Fioroni

- Special content in the adult section

"An insight into DSA" by: C. Bachmann, N. Chabane, L. Cottini, R. Gundelfinger, G. Magnolfi, M. Mainardi, L. Moderato, M. Molteni, S. Noone, E. Thommen, GP Ramelli, E. Rossini

- Special contents in the children's section

"A hen in the classroom, for a guided discussion of the film" by: G. Bernasconi and N. Rudelli with illustrations by Pietro Mariani

- 4 booklets , one for each language, with a preface by Tony Attwood

"The King of the Market", a simple and amusing story written by Gionata Bernasconi initially for Edizioni Svizzere per la Gioventù (ESG 2002), has been helping parents and teachers for many years to make the typical behavioral characteristics of children with Autism known to siblings and sisters and classmates. The multiple requests for the use of this story, still very frequent after more than 15 years, led us to think about an evolution of the project, taking into account the impact of modern technology on teaching and the immediacy of animated images in reaching the emotions of the children. The goal we have set ourselves is on the one hand to provide a tool that can be used by teachers and family members in terms of information and training and on the other to communicate with children simply and in a playful way, with the intention of encouraging multi-level knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Another major challenge we faced in creating this tool was to make it accessible to all linguistic regions of Switzerland, and from there the step towards English was very short.